michael orton | photography

Artist's Statement

While I appreciate and understand the defined moment, I have sought to reach beyond the parameters of documentation. For me, it is important to see my surroundings as simply raw material. The sense of freedom and empowerment that this has given me continue to provide inspiration. I have recently returned to exploring Intentional Camera Movement, blending color and line, looking beyond the obvious image to produce works that have renewed my passion for photography. The vast color combinations and unique variations of light found in the natural landscape, used with the wide variety of choices in compound camera motion provide an exciting challenge.

“There is a place within each of us that holds the hope that we may hear for even a few moments, a chord or a chorus of that which has inspired painters, sculptors, poets, musicians, writers and photographers to reach beyond themselves. Listen carefully and you can hear it, though sometimes faint in our modern world. Stand on a hilltop, walk the autumn woods, feel the wave driven mist, touch a frosted leaf and a few notes are yours. If it were possible to capture enough notes and release them in a flood, you would hear an ethereal work beyond belief.”

Michael Orton -- Earth symphony